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, you know, made us safer. we know what does and doesn't make us safer. >> reporter: it won't affect sentencing for drug offenders locally. but gascon says it is something he is working on and he may go to the voters to decide. >> what i'm saying if you have possession of drugs for personal use, it should be punishable no more than a misdemeanor. frankly, a year in jail is plenty of a conviction for simple possession of drugs of any kind of drug. again, we're not talking about people possessing large quantities of drugs or dealing. we are talking about people possessing drugs for personal use. >> reporter: the real question tonight is, how many of the country's 94 u.s. attorneys will implement the changes that holder is suggesting? how they handle the criminal cases is really at their discretion. i contacted northern california u.s. attorney melinda haag. a spokesman says she is not making any comments. >> linda, when we're talking about all the people in federal prisons across the country and drug offenders, how do the numbers break down? >> reporter: the federal prison population i
record if you are trying not to finish negotiations, if you trying to bring us to a strike. >> reporter: hear from the unions that you are a union buster and you are looking for a strike. >> i would tell you that as far as i know, i have never busted a uniwhere. and if they have something that says that i have, i'd like to know because that's something i've missed out on. >> reporter: would you put it on your resume'? >> i wouldn't do that no because that's never the intent regardless. the intent is always to reach a settlement. i mean, i have never gone into a negotiations anywhere in the united states no matter who i have represented where the client didn't want a settlement. >> they have a tough package. they haven't been coming forward saying their package is 23%. they haven't been saying they don't want to pay anything on pension. they haven't been saying they don't want to change on medical. that's not a popular thing so trash the other side if you can. it's just a negotiation. that's the kind of stuff that goes on. i understand it. >> reporter: both sides are going to stay here a
the fire is more than 10 miles away from here, kpix 5 reporter mark sayre tells us it could affect water quality for the bay area. mark. >> reporter: indeed, allen. here in menlo park on this trestle just south of the dumbarton bridge, those are the pipes that actually bring the water from hetch hetchy down across the bay into the peninsula and then right up into san francisco. and with the rim fire continuing to grow, authorities are now looking at all of their operations. here in this emergency operations center staff members of the san francisco public utilities commission are keeping a close eye on the hetch hetchy water and power system. and while the rim fire is now only about a mile from the reservoir itself, so of authorities are not seeing any problems. >> we are monitoring walt quarter at all times and we have seen no change in water quality which is why we're continuing normal water operations. >> reporter: these monitors show the readings from a series of sensors monitoring what is called turbidity or cloudiness in the water supply. most show a 0.2 reading the same as before
old, gone through various rehabilitations, various retrofits, very important for us to have this information. >> reporter: back to a live picture now in emeryville, this is the view from here. the first big thing you're going to notice on the cantilever section is probably not until about march of next year. that's when literally they are going to take an entire section, a 700-foot section, right out of the middle of the bridge. so the bridge will come up on one side it will come up on the other and see a big hole right in the middle of it. it's going to take a long time to bring the old bridge down, probably about three years because they have to do is so carefully. >> it will be kind of a cool thing because you will be able to look out on the right side, see the city of san francisco and on the left side watching this demolition process going on. probably the better idea is keep your eyes on the road. >> reporter: they don't want it to be too much of a sideshow to get across bridge. >> mark sayre reporting live for us, thank you, mark. >>> the first morning commute pretty
independent experts agree using metal shims as a temporary fix to allow the bridge to open to traffic while the permanent steel saddle is installed. >> opening a bridge getting the construction completed dealing with the public notice, all these things are significant logistical details that they are making sure they have all the is dotted and ts crossed before they make an announcement. >> so technically the idea of opening the new eastern span around labor day is still on the table. as we also noted yesterday, the chp was already beefing up its staffing for labor day just in case. again, the mtc will talk more about an opening date on thursday at a public hearing. much more on this story coming up tonight at 6:00. >>> a deadly construction accident on the san jose city college campus this afternoon. the victim, a pedestrian run over and killed by a tractor. kiet do reports. >> reporter: liz, the college is only releasing basic details saying it happened at 11:50 when a front-end loader ran over a pedestrian in the heart of campus. it is not clear if the victim was a student, faculty or co
't really think it through. a stolen pickup truck from the sacramento area was used to ram the front door of tiffany's. but the thieves didn't get much. all the valuable jewelry was locked in the store's vault. >> whoops. >>> when it comes to golden gate toll system, it turns out not all cars are created equal. >> i said, that's only $6. what's the rest for? >> coming up, why some drivers are being billed triple the toll just because of what they are driving. >> plus, why all americans should be keeping a close eye on the escalating crisis in egypt. >> interesting weather today. temperatures were up in the city and the coast, half moon bay hit 70. but temperatures were down away from the water. walnut creek today, 90 degrees. mountain view 78. i'll explain and talk about the weekend and more changes coming up. >> and it's the end of an era at fisherman's wharf. ,,,,,, stay out of egypt. and if y live there -- leave. more than 600 people have dd >>> the state department has a warning for u.s. citizens: stay out of egypt. and if you live there, leave. more than 600 people have died in the
of sacramento. i believe on the phone, catherine bowman a reporter is with us. catherine, can you hear me? >> reporter: i hear you. >> hi. can you tell us where you are when you got there, what you see happening now? >> reporter: well, i drove down north texas and i turned right up marigold and that was just a wall of smoke just thickening in the area and the streets were blocked off at the end of marigold closest to the freeway. there are two homes completely [ indiscernible ] heavy flames. there is a wall of flames in the air. right now they have ladder truck with the fire department [ inaudible ] water on the home but they're too far gone at this point. a lot of residents standing around watching. everyone is in shock. >> what agencies can you see helping out fairfield fire? i heard napa county is there? >> reporter: i haven't seen fairfield. cal fire is out here. i think i saw suisun. and then i heard something about trying to assemble a strike team. but that's all i've seen so far but there were some more setting up. there are apartments [ indiscernible ] when i first got on scene t
straight to the u.s. department of education. >>> it's game over for prop 8. today the state's high court tossed out the last legal challenge by sponsors of prop 8. back in june, the u.s. supreme court agreed with the trial judge that the ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. then on june 28th, governor brown ordered county clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses it same-sex couples. prop 8 supporters have asked the state supreme court to stop those weddings from happening. today, that request failed. >>> marin county prosecutors are urging a jury to find joseph naso guilty of being the alphabet killer. it appears that naso was smirking during the d.a.'s closing arguments today when lawyers claimed he murdered four women whose first and last names started with the same letter. don knapp joins us from outside the courthouse where a parking lot incident nearly derailed this trial at the last moment. don. >> reporter: allen, it was naso's own photographs and his notes of his encounters with women that prosecutors used to link him to the crimes in the 70s 70s. at one point during t
: those 6,000 truckloads of materials will make their way from pleasanton to the bridge using 580. officer daniel hill with chp admits, 6,000 is a lot of truckloads on the road but they will only be traveling during specific times, not all day long. >> we'll try as we do every day to keep the roadways running as fast and as smooth as possible. >> reporter: but they are going to make sure that traffic is flowing smoothly along that course to make sure that there's no delays for the materials that we need to get here on time. >> reporter: a key part of the project takes place around the toll plaza and recreating lanes leading to the new bridge. step 1 is grinding. crews will first tear up the old road before laying down asphalt for the new one. asphalt work is expected to take friday and saturday. and once the asphalt is cool and compacted, striping begins. then of course the striping has to dry before the final step putting up barriers to control traffic. each step here depends on the one before going smoothly. back at the bridge command center, officials say they are ready for the work to
:00. >>> ken bastida is live where the phil tells us bank bandits are getting bold. ken. >> reporter: yeah, elizabeth, 160 bank robberies in the san francisco division according to the fbi in the past 10 months alone. none more notorious than the high jumper bandits. delay hit this first republic bank on gary street last week. the fbi says a person was pistol whippedded in that bank, and they are afraid these robberies are going to get even more violent. >> the fbi has dubbed them the high jumper bandits. they are believed to be behind a rashover violent robberies in san mateo counties. the takeover crew storms in, toting guns all in the middle of the day. they order folks to hit the ground, and then the jumpers leap over the counter to empty the cash crewer. the suspects are described as three black men between the ages of 20 and 35 p. slim to medium builds wearing thick jackets, glove and clothing that would mask their heads and faces. the high jumper bandits are behind at least five bank robberies since april. four occurred in san francisco in bank branches stretching from west portal t
.m. in the u.s. bank parking lot at 22nd street. >>> and pg&e crews are working on a gas leak that forced some evacuations in cupertino. it happened on firestone drive around 2:30 this afternoon. no word on what caused it. >>> well, the family of the uc- santa cruz student killed at a camp near yosemite has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. this large oak tree came down at the popular summer camp tawonga on july 3. 21-year-old amyias rittenberg was killed and four other counselors injured. the lawsuit targets pg&e and various tree inspectors hired to look at the tree. the suit claims that they failed to warn the camp that it was at risk of falling. >>> it felt great knowing it was coming down. >> ariel castro is locked up for life and tonight his victims are free from his house of horrors. >> i'm ken bastida in san francisco. he was swimming off this pier two hours ago. is this really a great white shark? we'll have the story coming up. >> fire danger is on the increase to our north as close as ukiah and northern lake county. there's a red flag warning in effect with the chance of thunderstorms
is drags it out plus it sets us up for a possible strike in october. october is our highest ridership month of the entire year. >> reporter: so how about a no strike clause? >> we have a no strike clause in our contract. we can't lock them out and they can't go on strike. but the moment the contract expires, all bets are off. >> reporter: what about bringing in replacements? bart trains are automated. >> replacement workers are out of the question. it's in the contract. we can't hire them. it's not something we want to do. we appreciate our employees. >> reporter: what about hiring more buses to replace the trains? >> we got 95 buses. there's $114,000 for bus service for one day. >> reporter: where do the bart riders fit into all of this? >> they're caught in the middle. and that's unfortunate and that's why we're working so hard so we can keep the trains running far into the future. >> reporter: meanwhile, the metropolitan transportation commission which oversees much of the bay area's roads, rails and bridges, has about $20 million that could be used to hire even more buses. but they're
have rewomen used community members and local government agencies in richmond and other counties for medical and response-related costs." they go on to say that they are implementing a multi-million dollar system of their monitoring system. they will begin a 3.5-year long probation period. they pleaded no contest to these charges, which is not the same as pleading guilty. ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> they say this is a historic settlement because they agreed to do even more than what is required by law. >>> after a horrifying hit and run in southern california, the quest remains, why. tonight, what witnesses are saying about the driver. >>> a-rod's long-awaited season debut for the yankees tonight and the timing couldn't be worse. >>> it has been chilly out there for ten straight days, including today with a high of 75. one of the warmest spots i could find, hitting the mid to upper 50s. yes, we've got the sunshine. a live look outside. but we'll talk about if this chilly august pattern is going to be going away or not. >>> and i get what they are trying to do. i think it's a good
. the new push coming to schools and the old school method it uses to get the message across. >> you pay for an extended warranty thinking you'll be covered for everything. but one car buyer's deal fell short of her expectations. how consumerwatch stepped in to get the fix she needed. uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. nation... is under investign for cheating. lowell high 00 schools >>> a san francisco high school considered among the elite in the nation is under investigation for possible cheating. lowell high is among more than 200 schools statewide that were flagged because state officials say students posted pictures of standardized exam material
it is over ocean so it is not a factor for us. because of low pressure that is bringing that stuff toward the bay area, there is a red flag warning posted now for all inland sf bay area. there is a hazard because of dry lightning strikes. there is so much dry fuel around you combine the fact that we could get a lightning strike or two with the dry brush and that could be a big problem. if you were here in october 1/9/91, 199 -- 1991, you would never forget what happened. that is where ken bastida is live now. ken. >> reporter: that's right, brian, we are up here at grizzly peak. we will show you something just to give you a comparison. if we swing over, that's san francisco in the distance. your bay is in fog. you got nothing to worry about. you're going to be cool the next several hours. now we swing back. all the heat is in the east bit. well over 100 in livermore, danville, walnut creek, places like that. that's where the red flag alert really comes into play. no barbecues in any of the park areas. no gas powered equipment like weed whackers, lawn mowers. they have 10 significant fire
three mortgage firms filed a lawsuit in federal court looking to block richmond's proposed use of eminent domain. they claim it's unconstitutional because it would benefit a small group of richmond citizens and the expense of out of state investors. >>> at the opposite end of the bay, home values are soaring. the average price of a single- family home in the heart of silicon valley topped $1 million in july. and houses are stehling quickly too. the -- are selling quickly, too. the average is 26 days on the market compared to 43 days last year. condo prices are also up to over half a million dollars. >>> it's coming down to the wire now. if bart workers plan to strike we'll know by tonight. negotiations resume this morning between the unions and management. there are three possible outcomes to avoid a strike come monday. a contract agreement, a contract extension, or the cooling-off period which bart is requesting from the governor. >> ought to be at the table across from them and talking about it. standing there and saying reject, reject, is just not cutting it. >> this doesn't
with labor day upon us, it's a really busy season. we know of several hotels already in the area campsites, too, that have had to shut down. >> thank you, teresa garcia. >>> well, san francisco also declared a state of emergency because of the rim fire. flames are threatening parts of the city-owned hetch hetchy water and power system. that declaration, though, does allow the city to offer a camp area for a staging area. that rim fire is just one of 50 major fires burning across the western united states right now. federal money to fight these fires pretty quickly running out. the forest service has only $50 million left in its firefighting budget. and at this rate, they say it will last only a few more days. so the u.s. forest service is taking millions of dollars from other budgets to try to fill the gap. it has already spent $967 million this year. >> some bay area campers were forced out of the fire zone. the teenagers were on a school trip designed to break the ice before classes start. students told our da lin, the wildfire did that and more. >> oh.... oh, my god. >>> reporter: fast-
right away. people might be taking their time getting used to the new bridge but in time, we will see that traffic flow get better. >> reporter: first, however, they are going to need to shut down the span on both directions to connect the new bridge. so drivers should start planning. >> unless someone has been on a completely different planet, they should know about this closure. so therefore, they need to adjust their travel plans in order to avoid getting stuck in the closure anticipating where they're going. >> reporter: it's being done as fast as possible to beat the countdown clock that governor brown started live on kpix 5 earlier this year. so far, the governor himself says he is going to be out of town for the opening, something that local transit officials are trying to put the best face on. >> i have to say, i'm not a whole lot focused on the party or really on the opening of the new bridge. i think the main event is closing the old bridge for good on wednesday night because that means that everybody is safe. >> reporter: and they are still holding out hope for a possible e
for us we located him and as it stands now nobody -- no innocent civilians were injured. >> we are told the suspect was injured during the arrest. police found the man hiding in a backyard of a home but no one was injured in the robbery. >>> other bay area headlines. mosquitos carrying west nile virus keep turning up in santa clara county. that means more fogging. there will be another round of it in san jose tonight weather permitting. this is in the berryessa area just northwest of the airport and just south of milpitas. the fogging is scheduled to start around 11. >>> new smoking ban just took effect in petaluma. it's now illegal to light up in a apartments or other multi- unit housing as well as hotels. smoking is also banned in many public areas. >>> well, they have already been through enough. but now victims of the deadly asiana airlines crash say that attorneys are taking advantage of them. dozens of passengers who were on board flight 214 as it crash- landed at sfo suffered tremendous injuries. ntsb reports that some attorneys are soliciting the victims as clients. it's against
. mark kelly reporting for us on that. thank you, mark. you know, all the talk has been about the new eastern span and it's gorgeous in the afternoon sunshine. but a lot of work is being done on the western side, as well. the suspension bridge that sits on the san francisco side of the island and mark sayre has been keeping up on the progress there. mark. >> reporter: yeah, ken. kind of a forgotten span, isn't it? you know, if you have driven the span late as night, you've seen the lane closures and all the bright lights they have for all the overnight work for the never-ending process of keeping the bridge in operational shape. well, this full bridge closure is really allowing caltrans crews to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. >>> reporter: from the eastbound lanes on the lower deck of the bridge to the towers high above the san francisco skyline, caltrans crews are busy on just about every section of the western suspension span. >> we are estimating that over the course of four days, we can get as much work done as normally requires three to four months. >> reporter: whil
def doppler, there is not a dry area. lots of thunderstorms for us. what we expect is that low to begin to track north and east. as it does over the next 24 hours, that will bring more unstable air. it will especially favor the north bay. does it guarantee a repeat performance of what we had last night? it does not. because the situation just isn't the same. never theless, the low gets closer, the unstable air gets closer, so there is the potential we could get lightning strikes tomorrow. that is why they still have the red flag warning posted through tomorrow evening. the hazard due to the thunderstorm chance. we had 11,000, 11,000 lightning strikes last night in just a four-hour period. so that low gets closer, there is the potential we could pick up a few more in the next 24 hours. we will track it for you. we mr. have the forecast a few minutes from now. >> thank you. i will keep my camera ready. >>> a home invasion in the east bay turns violent. how things quickly got out of hand when the homeowner tried to call for help. >>> i thank god no one was hurt. no one. not eve te
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